Lotus Folding Doors

Lotus’ vinyl material is backed with a cloth mesh fabric giving it strength and flexibility. A unique double track system makes the door smooth and silent in use. All doors come complete with matching pelmets and hold-back straps. These doors are ideal for creating space and making best use of available areas. Lotus Vinylcloth doors can help you to save on your energy bills, by closing off unused areas to maximise heating or air conditioning.

Lotus Vinylcloth Doors are available in 7 colours. They suit doorways up to a height of 3.0 metres and almost any width can be accommodated.

You can customise your Lotus Vinylcloth Door by considering:

  • Positive latch
  • Privacy snib
  • Keylocking
  • Bi-parting pair
  • Curved track
  • Different colours either side

Lotus Vinylcloth Door


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